Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Free-D (Original Soundtrack)

Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Free-D (Original Soundtrack) (Aion, 1994)
Second album (and last in initial personal constitution) purchased for british Free Records, in Czechia hired under license by a small label Aion owned by ex-Oceán memeber Dušan Vozáry. So far the most psychedelic stuff band ever recorded till now. Shoegaze riffs waned as 1993 was at the end. Instead of them long minimal compositions of oscilations, echoes and silky vocals blended with acoustic instruments. Occasional field records sets the rural atmosphere, somewhere are exposed touches of nascent club electro music, while somewhere band explicitly refers to the early Pink Floyd. 
Guestlist including vocalist of Here, Michaela Klímková and british group Revolution 9, which added acoustic parts and supported EOST on czech tour.
Thanklist including first cz/sk astronaut Vladimír Remek.